McCaffrey Cottage - Willunga Australia Accommodation

McCaffrey Cottage

accommodation | Willunga SA 5172

(08) 8556 2902
21 St James St, Willunga SA 5172
McCaffrey Cottage, a charming slate floored miner's cottage circa 1857, is situated in the Fleurieu Peninsula playground, 40 minutes drive from Adelaide. It has self-contained accommodation for up to four including two bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom, nestled in a magical garden in a peaceful nook of Willunga. Relax in the beautiful garden with its own permanent creek, listen to the songs of birds, and spot the regular visitors (Ducky, Lucky and their ducklings). Enjoy our newly refurbished kitchen with electric oven, ceramic electric stove top, microwave, fridge and an extensive range of equipment and utensils. You can walk historic Willunga, to the acclaimed Willunga Farmer's Market (Saturdays only) or the golf course and dine at excellent local restaurants whilst soaking up the superb wine, food and atmosphere of the world renowned McLaren Vale region. Take a 10 minute drive to the magical Port Willunga beach or a 30 minute drive across the Fleurieu Peninsula to Goolwa and Victor Harbor. ...
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